CBD: promising future prospects


Since the adoption of the “Farm Bill” by the American Congress in 2018, CBD has continued to crystallize many interests. The star plant of hemp has become one of the essential ingredients of trendy, healthy and sustainable diets. Market indicators are green, forecasts are reaching highs, and everything suggests that we are only at the beginning of a new gold rush with CBD!

Promising legislative developments around cbd

A study conducted by “Brightfield Group” projects that the European CBD market will experience a significant increase in the coming years. The properties attributed to the cannabidiol molecule excite both scientists and economists. While its market is very developed across the Atlantic, CBD is still little known in Europe. The democratization of CBD is eagerly awaited across the continent.

The legal framework, usually complex on everything related to hemp, should evolve soon in the majority of European countries, in particular by the involvement of the European Union. Legal changes are imminent in France, and should regulate the CBD market while promoting its growth. Experiments are launched to regulate the therapeutic use of hemp.

On the sidelines of this, there are already around a hundred “CBD shops” operating on national territory. There are all kinds of derivative products, imported from the United States. French legislation does not yet allow massive industrialization of this substance.

The harbingers of a thriving future for cbd

The CBD market has developed particularly in countries that have largely explored the path of medical cannabis . This is the case in Europe, in Austria and the United Kingdom. These nations each total nearly $80 million in 2019 medical cannabis revenue. Germany could join them on this market, as the enthusiasm for the active principle of hemp is growing there. From there, the CBD trend should gradually spread to other countries in Europe as people continue to buy CBD .

Four major industries serve as a port of entry for CBD: CBD e-liquids, CBD cosmetics , CBD food , and CBD beverages . Multinational cosmetics companies now include product lines containing the cannabidiol molecule in their catalogs. Like the big cosmetics chain, American mass distribution giants have approached CBD manufacturersfor a fruitful partnership. When we observe the increase in CBD food products online or on sale in specialized stores, it is a safe bet that the trend will become widespread without delay. The emblematic Coca-Cola group is also stepping up its efforts to create a new CBD drink. The company could thus promote the molecule on a planetary scale and thus encourage other companies to take an interest in it.

Finally, the liberalization of the vape market is delighting major manufacturers of CBD e-liquids in Europe. A few French producers stand out in particular on this market of the future. For their part, hemp producers are constantly investing in land and facilities in order to meet the growing demand for CBD in quantity and quality. These farms must primarily be used to supply the pharmaceutical industries, some CBD-based remedies for which have received authorization for consumption.

A constantly increasing growth rate

If there is one fact that no one can dispute, it is the dizzying growth rate of sales of CBD-based products … This market share is increasing particularly in countries where the use of the molecule has been decriminalized. . The main business centers are in the United States, Asia, Eastern Canada, Western Europe and South America.

Distribution channels initially focused on sellers of natural and specialty products. Due to the market explosion, it is expected that supermarkets will dedicate shelves to products with CBD. Additionally, Internet sales are expected to account for 40% of all transactions. In summary, the market will increasingly experience diversification, and will gradually personalize, while consolidating at the same time.

Flavored beverages and infused water are hot segments right now. CBD gummies are heralded as the most promising in terms of growth in 2020. But other product lines such as CBD for animals or hemp-based cosmetics are also on the rise. Baby boomers are among the most prolific buyers of cannabidiol consumption . They prefer to lean towards natural hemp solutions rather than opting for pharmaceutical products.

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