Orthopedic Surgery: What To Expect From Your First Visit

Orthopedic Surgery

Heading into Dr. Patrick S. McNulty‘s office for your initial orthopedic surgery consultation may feel a little daunting. I know the thought of surgery can be scary, heart pounding in your chest, hands slightly trembling. But, take a deep breath. This is simply a first step – a friendly conversation about your health concerns. There’s no operating room, no scalpels, just you and Dr. McNulty sitting down to discuss the best route forward for your well-being.

Your First Visit: The Details

Your first visit will be much like any other doctor visit. You will fill out paperwork. You will talk about your health history. And Dr. McNulty will conduct a physical exam. His goal is to understand your pain. He wants to find the root cause.

The Elements of the Physical Exam

What’s a physical exam like? Here it is, broken down into three main parts:

  • Observation: Dr. McNulty will look at your body. He’ll see if you’re walking funny or holding yourself in a strange way.
  • Palpation: This is a fancy word for touch. Dr. McNulty will feel the area that’s giving you trouble. He’s looking for signs of inflammation or injury.
  • Movement: Finally, he’ll ask you to move. He wants to see if certain motions make your pain worse.

Tests and Imaging

After the physical exam, Dr. McNulty may order further tests. These could include X-rays or MRIs. These images give him a clearer picture of what’s happening inside your body.

The Discussion

Once all the information is gathered, Dr. McNulty will sit down with you. You’ll talk about what he found. He’ll explain what the tests mean. And then, you’ll discuss options for treatment. This could range from physical therapy to surgery.

Leaving the Office

When you leave Dr. McNulty’s office, you should feel informed. You should feel prepared. And most importantly, you should feel hopeful. Yes, you’re dealing with pain. But now, you have a plan to beat it.

Final Thoughts

Your first visit to an orthopedic surgeon can be nerve-wracking. But remember, it’s just the first step. Dr. McNulty is there to help, not to scare you. He wants to get you back to a pain-free life. And he’ll work with you to make that a reality.

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