Signs You Should See a Neck Specialist

Neck Specialist

There is a reason why we refer to chronic difficulty as a “pain in the neck.” Neck discomfort interferes with nearly all activities, including sleeping.

The good news is that it often disappears on its own. But what happens when neck discomfort is a persistent issue that refuses to go away?

In this instance, you should consult with a Singapore neck specialist. Additionally, this is only one indication that you should visit a professional for neck discomfort. Several other indicators are given below.

Note that many of these symptoms are indicators of severe health conditions. Please review this list and consult a neck expert immediately if you observe any of these symptoms.

1. You Had an Injury

Consult a trained neck specialist promptly if the neck discomfort begins following any form of injury or trauma (vehicle accident, fall, strain). This is due to two factors.

The magnitude of the damage must be ascertained first. Thus, you must address issues before their escalation. The injuries must also be documented in case legal action is taken in the future.

2. You Are at Least 50 Years Old

If you are 50 or older, your neck discomfort might result from a problem that has been growing for years. The sooner you begin pain management, the better.

It is conceivable that this discomfort or disease cannot be cured and can only be managed. If you do not begin therapy immediately, the condition may worsen and persist.

3. You Are Unable to Sleep or Work

Does your neck discomfort hinder your ability to sleep or conduct everyday tasks? Consult a neck expert immediately before this causes more damage or problems.

4. You Have Weak Legs and/or Incontinence

Cauda equina syndrome may be present if you experience neck discomfort along with weak legs, incontinence, or numbness in the pelvic region. This ailment is severe and requires immediate surgical intervention.

5. Pain or Tingling on One Side of the Body

Feelings of tingling, discomfort, or numbness on one side of your body? This may result from a herniated disc, bone spurs, or another problem that places pressure on your spinal nerve roots. A neck expert will confirm the diagnosis.

6. Fever or Other Symptoms of Illness

Many dangerous diseases, such as meningitis, can produce a stiff neck or neck discomfort. If the neck problems are accompanied by swollen glands, fever, or other indications of sickness, see a neck specialist or primary care physician immediately.

7. The Pain Does Not Dissipate or Worsens

As previously stated, non-serious causes of neck discomfort, such as pinched nerves, resolve independently within a few days. If the pain persists or worsens, consult a neck specialist.

8. Additional Symptoms Accompany the Pain

Again, little neck pain by itself is not life-threatening. However, if additional symptoms accompany your neck discomfort, they might suggest various health issues. Consult an expert to determine precisely what is occurring.

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