What foods promote against hair loss?

against hair loss

Good scalp health starts with a healthy diet . Certain dietary deficiencies, especially vitamins and minerals, can promote hair loss.

It is particularly advisable not to neglect its magnesium intake , which is found in pulses, nuts or chocolate. And also to eat regularly, but not excessively, zinc -rich foods (oysters, egg yolk, bread, beef, etc.).

Vitamin B is known to promote cell renewal of the hair follicle – and therefore the good health of the hair. Fruits and vegetables, seeds, brewer’s yeast (often used as a beauty cure for hair and nails) and dairy products are excellent sources of vitamin B to be preferred.

Vegetable oils and essential oils against hair loss

Many vegetable oils such as castor oil, argan oil, ylang ylang oil or coconut oil are used to nourish, moisturize and strengthen the hair , which can indirectly help prevent their fall.

Among the essential oils , certain stimulating and warming oils such as ginger essential oil, cineole rosemary essential oil or Scots pine essential oil, are known to activate circulation in the scalp . Tea tree oil is more intended to cleanse the scalp . It is particularly indicated in case of dandruff.

Essential oils should be dosed sparingly. You can add a dLProp to your shampoo or dilute it in vegetable oil to massage your scalp. It may also be beneficial to perform head massages to stimulate the vascularity of the scalp.

To keep hair healthy, it is also important to let your scalp breathe , sweating can cause premature hair loss. It should be noted, however, that the effectiveness of these methods has not been clinically measured.

What can we expect from grandmother’s remedies for hair loss?

To date, there are a multitude of tricks whose origins are more or less known.

For example, according to a popular belief, infusing basil in the rinse water of your shampoo would be effective against hair loss and good for the health of the scalp. Same thing for thyme associated with cider vinegar , to stimulate the scalp. Rosemary, on the other hand, would promote regrowth – it would suffice to macerate it in vinegar to make a massage lotion to apply after the shampoo.

The effectiveness of these natural remedies against hair loss is not proven, it is important to consider these solutions as prevention against baldness and not as a real treatment. These methods can also be tested if you are wondering how to grow your hair faster .

However, if one hopes for convincing results in the context of a beginner or already installed baldness, it is preferable to go to a medical accompaniment and to be prescribed a treatment whose results have been clinically proven.

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